Suspension Services


2019 KX450

We have been testing with this NEW model since the day it came out. The new 49mm spring forks are like the 2017 Honda forks we have been working with for 2 years. The KX version is too soft initially and blows through the first part of the travel causing harshness when coming into corners and on downhills. We revalve them to stay up in the stroke and move slower initially as well as altering the rebound for more control and better tracking.

$195 + oil

2015-18 KX450

Lets be honest, nobody loved these forks. They were complicated to tune and never worked great. Through lots of testing, we have the answers. A big part of the problem is too much internal stiction. We install a kit that fixes that and rework all the internals to provide forks you can live with..

$450 + oil

2009-2014 KX450/2009-19 KX250

Are completely reworked to stay up in the stroke, provide plusher action and improved bottoming resistance. Rebound valving is matched to correct spring rate/air pressures and then refilled with the just the right amount of oil.

$220 + springs if required


2009-2019 KXF 250-450

Not only does the shock have to work well with the power connected to it, the shock has to work in harmony with the forks, balanced together. All of our suspension modifications take this into account. We do each shock considering your weight, skill level, what type of tracks, and what we are doing to the forks. In addition, we have almost 40 years of experience bleeding shocks properly so you can count on consistent air free performance.

$220 + oil + spring if required


Fork Oil $25
Fork rebuild Only $125 + Parts
Fork rebuild at time of Modification $60 + Parts
Fork Springs $129
Fork Push button air bleeders $39
Black DLC Lower Fork Tube Coating $525 2-3 Weeks


Shock Oil $20
Shock rebuild Only $125 + Parts
Shock rebuild at time of Modification $25 + Parts
Shock Spring $129

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