Suspension Services

2017-19 KTM Suspension Package

With nearly 40 years of KTM suspension tuning experience, we have seen it all. The last 3 years have seen a tremendous improvement in the development of KTM motorcycles. The AER forks are very simple, light and easy to tune. There is still room for improvement. Nobody is the same and therefore the need for tailored suspension is a huge benefit for all individuals. At MX1, I am the guy writing this info, doing the testing, talking to the customer and most importantly, doing the work. There is no disconnect anywhere in the process. We revalve your AER forks to suit your personal needs (as tested in Motocross Action magazine). Countless hours of testing have gone into the settings we have developed. The shock is completely revalved to match the action of the forks for a balanced ride. You can expect plusher action without blowing through the stroke mated with excellent bottoming resistance.

$430 + spring if required

2015 - 2016 KTM Suspension Package

Includes revalving of 4CS forks with additional low speed compression adjuster and bottoming control device. An Optional way to go is the APS Mods which provides progressive compression dampening for an ultra plush ride(both have been tested by MXA magazine with very favorable reviews). Shock is matched to the forks with new oil for both.

$850 + springs if required

2011-14 KTM Suspension Package

Includes Hi-Flow compression pistons, rebound and mid revalving, along with matching shock revalve and new fluids. This set-up got a 5 Star rating from MXA magazine.

$550 + springs if required

2007-2010 MXA Replica Suspension Package

Includes complete fork revalving with hi-flow compression pistons, matching shock revalve using the highest-quality fork and shock oil. MXA 5 Star rating

$550 + springs if requited


Fork Oil $25
Fork rebuild Only $125 + Parts
Fork rebuild at time of Modification $60 + Parts
Fork Springs $129
Fork Push button air bleeders $39
Black DLC Lower Fork Tube Coating $525 2-3 Weeks


Shock Oil $20
Shock rebuild Only $125 + Parts
Shock rebuild at time of Modification $25 + Parts
Shock Spring $129

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