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When it comes to CRF suspension, MX1 has you covered. Whether it's the 02-08 Showa components, or the newer 09-12 KYB components on the 450, 2010-16 CRF 250 Showa stuff or even the latest Air Forks on the 2013-16 CRF450, you can count on MX1 to deliver superb performance. We have been racing CRF's from the beginning and have spent countless hours testing our specs. We are sure you will be thrilled with the results.

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When it comes to WP suspensions for your Husqvarna, we're the clear choice since we have over 30 plus years of experience with KTM. We know how to make WP suspensions work awesome with the latest generations of Husqvarna dirt bikes. At MX1, we've done extensive testing for riders of all skill levels and terrain type. So there's no guessing work on what works and doesn't. Get your suspennsion done by one of the best in the business.

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Like Honda, Kawasaki chooses to use KYB components on the 450 and Showa on the 250, as well as the SFF being used currently. Not a problem, we have both types dialed, even the new 2013-16 450 Air Forks. Each year the KXF's have gotten better, we have the technology to make them great. Without alot of bells and whistles, we focus on making them handle better while drasticly improving suspension performance.

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Nobody knows KTM better than MX1. We have been racing them since the early 80's. That's over 30 years of racing and extensive testing that continues today with the newest chassis updates and factory replica components. With that kind of experience, why go anywhere else.

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MX1 owner Richard Wilk started racing/testing the RMZ 450 in 05. Since then, the RMZ specs for both the 250/450 have been refined to perfection. The results of all this hard work are now available to you the customer. Send us your components and we will send you back suspension that flat works!

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At MX1, we make your YZ/YZF suspension the best it can be. Through countless hours of testing, we have come up with settings that not only improve suspension performance, it will turn better too. MXA's John Parry raced our YZF 450 with MX1 suspension at the World Vet Championship and absolutely raved about how good it worked. A week later he called after racing a stocker and said "After racing your bike, I can't even ride a stock one anymore. The difference is amazing." The reviews and tests are in from Motorcross Action Magazine.

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