Suspension Services


2005-2019 RMZ 250-450

All damping systems (compression, rebound, and mid valving) are altered to provide the ultimate in suspension performance. Combined with the correct spring rate and oil quantity, the results are stunning. Each set of forks are tailored to your specific needs and track type.

$220 + springs if required


2005-2019 RMZ 250-450

Since these bikes turn so well, no need to factor that in. Instead, we focus on improving traction in acceleration chop, reducing kick on jumps and braking bumps, and improving plushness and bottoming control + oil + spring if required.

$235 + springs if required


Fork Oil $25
Fork rebuild Only $125 + Parts
Fork rebuild at time of Modification $60 + Parts
Fork Springs $129
Fork Push button air bleeders $39
Black DLC Lower Fork Tube Coating $525 2-3 Weeks


Shock Oil $20
Shock rebuild Only $125 + Parts
Shock rebuild at time of Modification $25 + Parts
Shock Spring $129

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