Suspension Services


2006-2019 YZ/YZF 125-450

As good as these forks are, they aren't perfect. They still benefit from a set up tailored for exactly what you're doing. We have been refining our settings since the beginning and the end result is stunning since they are a good foundation to start with. Internals are totally reworked to stay up in the stroke, yet remain plush with great bottoming resistance. Rebound damping is matched to spring rate and then filled with highest quality of oils.

$220 + springs if required


2006-2019 YZ/YZF 125-450

As with all shocks we do, we focus on a matched set-up with the forks so that front and rear work together not against each other. This includes complete revalving of the compression and rebound shim stacks with the goals being, plusher action, more rebound control, staying up under acceleration and bottoming resistance. With almost 40 years of experience, you can trust the work we do.

$235 + spring if required


Fork Oil $25
Fork rebuild Only $125 + Parts
Fork rebuild at time of Modification $60 + Parts
Fork Springs $129
Fork Push button air bleeders $39
Black DLC lower Fork Tube Coating $525 2-3 Weeks


Shock Oil $20
Shock rebuild Only $125 + Parts
Shock rebuild at time of Modification $25 + Parts
Shock Spring $129

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